Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Augustine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Augustine - Essay Example Original sin is a concept in Christianity which has evolved from the concept of, fall of mankind. Augustine describes the action of Adam and Eve as a foolish act which was guarded by confidence and pride, his emphasis being more on pride. He further elaborates that the stain of this action has affected all human beings and this trait is present in all human beings from their inception and no matter what they do in their entire life, they cannot escape from this taint. According to him when Adam and Eve committed the sin, it resulted in the reproduction of mankind which makes all humans his descendants born with the trait and tendency to commit sins. He states that all humans are born bad and remain so unless they ask for forgiveness and hence they are a denounced crowd. He teaches that all humans are subjected to physical attraction and sexual desire and is this feeling is not fulfilled it results in uneasiness and restlessness. He has stated humans to be sinners who lack the liberty to do well; they are corrupted in nature and possess the tendency to disobey God’s orders until they are granted godly grace. Augustine’s views on original sin contrasted with other philosophers’ notions and hence faced a lot of opposition. (Paul, 25) Works Cited Paul, Rigby. Original Sin in Augustine’s Confessions. University of Ottawa Press. 2000.

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